Transforming the Old Power Station

  • The renovation and upgrading of the Old Power Station commenced in 2013.
  • About N$ 280 Million injection in the development, making it the largest singledevelopment project in 15 years in the harbor town of Lüderitz.
  • About 150 people are employed during the construction phase
  • About 150 permanent jobs to be created at completion.
  • The town is poised to become a university town by the year 2017 and beyond.
  • Maritime Museum is set to become major tourist attraction(draw card for increased tourism)
  • Variety of modern sport & recreational facilities will offer new experience and elevate the quality of life of users.
  • We continue to enhance urban town planning through a series of the Waterfront development.
  • By creating a vibrant new community, the town and its business partners are building the foundation to grow meaningful jobs, businesses, increased tourism activities and recreation.