Dr. Angel Tordesillas (Chairman)

It is our duty and privilege to present our Report for the Financial Year covering the period 2014/2015. And, once again, we are pleased to having achieved positive economic results,

during the year ending in February 2015.

Forging ahead

The Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company is the story of Faith; the story of one of the most anticipated social and economic development in Southern Namibia; it is really a symbol

of commitment and support from Central, Regional and Local Governments.

Second Phase

Building works at the Old Power Station Complex, continue to progress at a good and solid pace.

The other three modules of the Second Phase are advancing positively in terms of planning and design, including environmental clearance certificate requirements.

Target dates

The Old Power Station module, is earmarked for official commissioning by 2018, when the Namibia University of Science and Technology, the Multi-Purpose indoor-outdoor sport‎ centre

and the Maritime Museum are due to commence activities in 2018.



Mr. Fluksman Samuehl (CEO)

"The survival, growth and prosperity of any organisation depends on the quality the organisation is pursuing."



We successfully managed stakeholder and community engagement and explained our story of sustainable development. We are well on the path of making Lüderitz proud in strengthening investor

confidence, attract and retain professionals in key disciplines, create meaningful employment, attract new sustainable investments, and to bring about modern economic infrastructure capable of

offering new experiences and the need to improve living standards of its people.


This is in addition to revitalizing our waterfront - our objective is to make Lüderitz a better city, more economically competitive and prosperous in the long-term.

We are committed to providing high quality infrastructure and superior business environment for its clients, tourists, visitors and investors.