Luderitz Waterfront Phase II


The Second Phase of the Lüderitz Waterfront is fundamental for achieving business growth and the creation of additional business opportunities and employment within the town of Lüderitz in particular and //Kharas Region in general.

The Lüderitz Waterfront expansion programmes will go a long way in transforming Lüderitz harbour town ; not only as a vibrant student town but a leading commmercial center in Southern Namibia with enhanced tourism appeal over the next few years.

The town of Lüderitz is poised to grow both in terms of its size, population and its ability to provide critical services to its residents, tourists, visitors and investors.

All our development efforts/initiates are geared towards making Lüderitz as an attractive, commercial, cultural and educational centre


To bring about this change, it requires innovative thinking and strategic planning in order to respond responsibly


As part of our growth strategy, we are   focusing on a variety of income and employment opportunities that will better support the company and town in the face of change

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